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roland poland

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Okay yesterday I had a problem that I couldnt view any of the videos I could only here the soundson wmm. I fixed it by unchecking all the filters. Now I have a problem, it's that if i have more than one thing on my timeline and I try to play it a window pops up and it says "one or more arguements are invalid" can anybody help me out?


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Hmm, thats weird...

Have you got the latest version? Windows Movie Maker 2.0? Its simply an update, if you have XP installed.

If you haven't got it, download it from the Microsoft website, or find it on the web :)

About it:

Download it:,39025604,39059185s,00.htm

Hmm... actually, the link goes straight to the Microsoft download site, and that doesn't work anymore. It seems they've made it only possible to install through Microsoft Update.

Still worth a go, as it does improve it, and may fix your problem.