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I recently installed Windows Media Player 9 Beta and am having problems with it (too many to list). The problem is that I want to uninstall it and go back to the version 8 that comes with XP Pro. I didn't use system restore before upgrading to the Beta 9 version, so can't go back to the previous state. Also, I tried to add windows components from my XP Pro disk, but the media player option isn't there. So, does anyone have any ideas on how I can un-install version 9 and re-install the default XP Pro version 8? Any advice would be much appreciated.
Off the top of my head... uninstall version 9.. and then install Windows XP on TOP OF ITSELF. Do not format or delete the Windows folder.. just run Windows Setup from WITHIN Windows.

However.. I am sure a better way can be found??
Thanks Cadfael for the suggestion - I am hoping there is an easier way. I know now to keep system restore activated. I can't uninstall WMP Beta 9 through the "add.remove programs" option. I was thinking of deleting everything in my c:/program files/windows media player folder, then visiting a friend of mine who has XP Pro, copying his WMP folder and then copying his stuff back to my wmp folder. Make sense? I dunno if it'll work, cause I'm worried that there may be a lot of leftover "rubbish" in other folders and the registry. I guess this is probably a good excuse to format and re-install XP Pro as a stand-alone, instead of over Windows 98, as it currently is. Any and all suggestions are welcome.
:) The main problem seems to be that when, for example, I double-click on an mp3 in explorer, it takes longer to actually access windows media player 9. Thge song then starts to play, but with no sound. If I hit "stop" and then hit "play", the song starts with sound and no problem. I can live with the slow start-up process, but the re-clicking is a pain. Maybe Cadfael's answer is the only solution, but I'm loathe to re-install windows xp pro back over itself - will this cause me any problems?

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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