windows logging off during dvd

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while watching movies windows xp returns to the "choose user" screen, this happens after several minutes of no interaction by me. This happens on all the dvd software i have (all the players). Standby is set to never; screen saver is set to none. Quite annoying....

I have : 1.8 northwoodp4, asus p4s533, 512 pc2700, ati 8500 128meg, seagate 60 gig and liteon drives,

any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!:confused:
this is kinda weird, I've never heard of it.. it is possible that your processor overcooked, but then again, why it's just loggin off.. I suggest that you will go to a technician and he will check your system setup.. or you should ask for the dvd-company-technical-help, maybe they have had these kind of problems before and know how to deal with it..
in the meanwhile, write what kind of dvd it (company, speed, etc.) and I'll find some stuff 'bout it's problems history..
liteon dvd-rom ltd 165h is my dvd drive, I kinda fixed the problem (not the way i want though)by disabling the log-on screen and now i can watch a whole movie with no problems.
But I cannot run the standard "choose user screen"
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