Windows Explorer "hangs" in Win2K

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I recently upgraded a WinNT4 Server running PDC to a Windows 2000 Server running in mixed mode (PDC emulater role). Everything is working fine, except the Windows 2000 Pro. PCs start to "hang" when one tries to click on the ADDRESS field when running Windows Explorer and enter something. The hang stops after waiting for a while.

Before upgrading the server side, this wasn't a problem. So has something else changed on the server when upgrading from NT4 that affects the win2k clients?

Anyone got any tips on what might be the problem?

hmm well when u do "ctrl,alt,delete" is anything taking up all the resources ie: ram or cpu usage, if so whats the task thats doing this?
I checked this, but nevermind. The post is kinda old and I found the problem some weeks ago. The Windows 2000 client had some old share mapped up to an area on the new server that didn't exist anymore. That's why the PC "hanged" for a while until timing out for not finding the area on the server.


Thanx for the help anyway.

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