Windows 98 Lost When Norton Uninstalled


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This morning I uninstalled Norton Systemworks 2000 & now I cannot bring my PC back up because Windows 98 needs to be reloaded. After completing Initialization, a black screen comes up that says:

Error: NAV Auto-Protect is unable to start!

SYMEVNT is not loaded. You may need to reinstall Norton AntiVirus to correct the problem.

Press any key to continue...

I hit a key & it brings up the Windows 98 Setup Wizard. The first screen wants me to enter my name & hit Next, the 2nd screen wants me to agree to their statement & hit Next, the 3rd screen wants the Product Key (which I do not have) & shuts me down when I enter the wrong #.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I guess you would just have to get another OS if you cannot find the key at all, either get XP or try and find 98, if you do it will probably sell for cheap