Windows 7 Re-Install Problems ( MBR )

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Ok this problem is a slight pain.

I Have 3 HDD x2 160GB and x1 1Tb, Now the problem is.
The Tb hdd stores all my backups etc.. One of the 160's is blank and the other has the OS on there. UNfortunaly one day in my haste I installed Windows 7 on the wrong 160 HDD. The one I put it on is a 6-7 Year old Dying IDE HDD.

I thought no problem I will disconnect the IDe HDD and leave the 160 Sata and the 1tb Sata in, Well I did so and rebooted my system ( While the IDE HDD was disconnected inside the case ) and it then tells me my BootMGR is Missing.Prior to this Ive gone into the Bios and set my 160 as Primary then the Tb as secondary ( Both Sata ) and my dvdrom as 1st Port of call anyway. So I inserted the Windows 7 INstall CD and missed Pressing the Key to load setup. Funny enough though Windows 7 Booted no worries.

The main thing IM trying to sort is.. I want to clean install windows 7 on the 160 Sata HDD and disconnect the 160 IDe hdd because it locks up during most things ( Games, Movies, Suring the Web etc.. ) But I cant leave the windows 7 DvD in all the time and was just wondering how I could fix this.

Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks.

Sorry, Its not the MBR its the BootMgr
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