Windows 7 automatic reboot loop


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I have been using Windows 7 for the last six months or so and it has been working fine. Yesterday while I was working my computer automatically rebooted and I have been stuck in a reboot loop ever since. It will load to the log in screen and if I don't log in it will stay there just fine, but when I enter my password it loads the desktop and then restarts. I can't get a good look at the error codes or anything when it restarts because they go by so fast and I can't start in safe mode or anything because the keyboard won't work until I'm at the log on screen for some reason, I assume it's because it's a USB keyboard and it isn't recognized until after start-up.

Any Advice? Thanks


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Go into the BIOS and somewhere in there you should be able to enable USB devices in DOS. This will allow you to use USB devices before the OS.

I've also got a feeling that this is nothing to do with the OS but a hardware problem.

Give us you system specifications.

Also get access to another machine, download and run MemTest86+. See if this throws up any errors.