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hey everyone im new,
i would like to start a thread on win2k3, i am running the eval and its GREAT

anybody other there runnin it?
currently i have a ftp setup, IIS w/passwords, and terminal services with remotedesktop for trouble shooting from school

anyway what do all you 2k3'rs think!
well, I have heard of this, but never got too into it. Can you give us a few screen shots of what it looks like?
I've ran it before on one of my computers but it didn't like my soundcard so i reinstalled xp. If it wasn't for that i would have loved to keep it on my computer cuz i have a fully legal copy of it(gotta love those connections).
I am running Windows Server 2003 Enterprise edition right now and Im going back to windows XP! I don't use the server to its full potential so i dont really care for it! Anyways, it looks like Win2000 with XP Icons! LOL(Except the start button is a lil better looking with new look logo)
A friend of mine has an eval copy of this. I am on the verge of being convinced I need a server at home - 2 Wintel machines, a Wintel laptop, several Macs, cable modem, router, ethernet hubs, etc. Can someone help me find info on how to use a home server. I've searched over with google and can't come up with anything that tells me how to use a server. Lots of sites on how to select server hardware, how to set up a webserver, how to install the OS, but nothing that demonstrates or points out the benefits and actually how to do it. I apologize if this is in the wrong forum. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
It kinda depends on what you want to use the server for? Do you want to use as a proxy server so that all other computer have to go through it to access the net? Do you want to use it as a router so that the other computers on the network get it's IP from the server (NAT)? You could create a local intranet site (not really much need for it on a home network). You could setup a server so that all other computers on your local domain actually log into an account that's verified on the server and have their profiles saved on the server.

There's lots of different things you could use it for, and there's different ways to set everything up depending on your needs & what OS you use for your server.

I'm using Windows Server 2003 on 2 computers right now, I have it as my server and I also have it as a "workstation" on my laptop. I find it much more stable & secure than any previous version of Windows...including XP. You can get W2k3 to look just like XP if you enable Themes.
Win2k3 is great. I have an eval and figured out how to make it work like a desktop OS. Very fast and stable. I think Microsoft learned a few things from Linux conventions last year when they sent people there. Most non-required features are turned off for better security especially IIS. I love it but no need for a server yet. If I do, I might use Win2k Server or Red Hat.
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