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Well i was playing around with the services in administrative tools.....and i read the descriptions and turned off some of the ones it sounded like i didnt need....having to do with large networks and such......

Everything was fine until i rebooted the machine, now it boots harshly slow, the windows are weird looking, all out of place, and i cannot copy and paste any will only let me copy and paste text......

I will NOT whatsoever reformat the machine because im on a 56k connection and i have some things that it would take me forever to download again....and i cant back them up to my second harddrive because copy and paste wont work...

So im guessing i turned off a service i really needed, only problem is that i cant turn the services back on because when i go in to the services and right click and do properties....nothing happens.....the properties wont come up......???

I tried rebooting to last know good config but no luck there. I tried in safemode also and still nothing different.

So what im really asking for is a way to somehow reset the services to the default settings. I do not have a windows2k CD available so if it does require that. ill have to get one. But i know there has to be a way, most likely in the registry or something.

Thanks for your help....
the best thing to do would be to re-evauluate the services that should or should not be on. blkviper ( has a very comprehensive guide to do this. If you follow his list of services that are highly recommended to be left alone, then you should solve your problem.

I fixed it :) i found the bit in the registry that contained the services. So i just set the values to what number depending on what setting i wanted that service on.

2 = automatic
1 = system
3 = manual
4 = disabled
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