Windows 2000 Pro or WinXP Pro?


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ive had windows xp pro for quiet some time and every so often i would have to format due to something screwing up on my computer. a couple of days back my friend told me windows 2000 pro is much better in his opinion, less fancy stuff and runs smoother. so my question is should i change from XP to 2000 or should i just stick to this ram hogging operating system. please leave feedback.


Well, it's up to you, I myself have had only experience with win XP Home, and I did not like it, so changed back to ME. It is true that XP does "hog" a lot of ram, and is more fancier. Windows 2000 is probably more secure and easier to use. At the end of the day, it depends what you use your computer for, and it is your decision....


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ya I agree. I personally like all that fancy stuff so I stick to XP pro. Although people have reccomended 2000 to me also. but ya it's your decision and depends a lot on what you want out of your comp.


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yeah XP is loaded on fancy stuff. i like 2000, bcuz its pretty secure and stable. and on the other hand i like XP cuz theres so many features, and it loads faster :)
ya im running xp pro on 128 mb ram tell me about it i was goin to downgrade but im sick and tired of reformatting but when i build my comp it has a gig of ram so ill put xp on there easy


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yeah. if you ask me, just get xp pro with sec. pack 2 and your problems should go away. of course, if ur ram aint too good, 128mb and under, i would totally stick with 2000. i used 2000 for a while. pretty good i have to admit. but xp does have more things added to it and almost everyone nowadays is using it. or just stick to 2000 and wait until 2006 when longhorn comes out. longhorn is gonna be sweeeet!


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I run 2000 on my Lappy(XP2000 w/ 256M) and XP on my main system(Athlon 1.4 w/ 512M)

Personally, I like 2000 better. XP just seems to waste a bunch of my harddrive for no reasons. It's also always thinking, even though I have basically the same stuff on both comps. XP ALSO has all those crappy wizards and built in junk such as CD burning software and all I just hate. Plus, I don't care for IE 6 or MediaPlayer 7+


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I have both running. I used to use 2000 more often, but XP is just more user friendly. It does hog a lot of system resources but just shut off any programs that ur not using. Disable things like system restore and whatever else is hogging resources. But both are great OS's. Cant wait for XP 64-bit coming in a couple of months...definitely jumping ship on that boat!