Windows 11

PP Mguire

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Fort Worth, Texas
People say bugs this and bugs that but really the majority of folks that run into bugs are businesses with a ton of GPO. Windows 11 current issues outside of UI personal preference is mainly regardly the scheduler and application compatibility. I've been running W10 since 2015 (1511) and only had 2 instances where things got real broke like that bug that kept the start menu from working. As an avid retro person who loves to tinker with 98 to Vista and somebody who hung onto XP for dear life I gotta say hanging back this time is just rather ignorant. The conveniences and upgrades in 10 over 7 really show how old that OS is. I mean 7 is over a decade old, and 10 itself is 6 years old. Skipping 8 and 8.1, totally understandable, and waiting for 10 to be flushed out also understandable. These days, it's a solid OS that you can literally strip down of all the BS and run perfectly fine.

On that note, found a way to get my unstacked and labeled tasks back on the taskbar in 11. Literally just a single DLL file, cool. I'll be waiting for at least the next major update in the spring/summer and a tool to remove features like with 10 then moving to it on my main rig.
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