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I got locked in one of those update loops. You know what I mean, probably. My Windows 10 would start an automatic update, then fail, and then reset itself to a previous version. This would happen all of the time.

I eventually decided to back everything up on an external drive and simply reinstall Windows 10 from scratch. Then I found out that the CD (or maybe it is a DVD) was lost in our move. I have the ("OEM"?) sticker but the actual product CD has been lost in the move and I can not find it. Does anyone know how I can reinstall the OS with just the product ID etc.?

Someone suggest this link as a way to fix the problem:
How to fix Windows Update in Windows 10 if it becomes stuck

We reveal the number of ways to jump-start Windows Update if it decides to stop working

Windows Update gets stuck. It's a fact of life. A rubbish fact, mind, but a fact nonetheless. Ever since Windows was capable of updating itself via the internet, it's always got stuck at some point in time. Windows Update being stuck is an inevitability, just like your toast falling butter-side down onto the floor or it always raining on that one day you tell yourself you'll sort the garden out today.
How to fix Windows Update: Delete files in Software Distribution
This trick, thanks to The Windows Club, involves a little more interaction with your computer's system settings. It shouldn't cause any damage to your PC – you'll only really be deleting temporary Windows Update files – but we'd recommend setting up a System Restore point before going any further.

First, you'll need to stop Windows Update Service and Background Intelligent Transfer Service. Type "win+x" to bring up the WinX menu, and from here select the command prompt (admin). There are two commands you'll need to type:

net stop wuauserv

net stop bits

Press Enter after you type each one. This will turn off Windows Update Service and Background Intelligent Transfer Service.

Next, you'll need to delete the files in C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution. Go to the appropriate folder, select all of the files and press Delete.
If the files can't be deleted because they're in use, you'll need to restart your PC. Turn off the two Windows Update services and then try to delete the files again.

Once the folder has been emptied, either restart your computer or manually turn on the Windows Update services. To do this, bring up the command prompt (admin) and type:

net start wuauserv

net start bits

Now run Windows Update and you'll find that your PC needs to download a number of updates, which can take up to a few hours, depending on your system and connection.

After doing all this, the update window says I am all up to date:

But the update history says that the last install failed:

So, what is up with that?

I noticed that there is a recovery option to reset my PC

But this takes me back to the problem of not having the CD
I guess if I am up to date, I don't need the CD now. But it would be nice to know for future use how to do this.


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Should you need to make a DVD or a USB flash drive installation media for Windows 10 you can download the free ISO from here. This will make a bootable DVD or a bootable flash drive for you. Alwayds worth having even if you are not having problems.
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