Windows 10 question


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United States
In the process of fixing a windows 10 pc for a friend it started to download the windows 11 update.

Windows 11 is not wanted on this pc.

I've seen instructions on the internet on how to permanently disable updates or keep windows 10 on the current version, but those aren't what I want.

I want it to auto update 10 as usual while blocking the windows 11 update only.

How do I do it?
I have four computers here all running Win 10 and not one of them has ever tried to automatically download Win 11. Now I will admit that I am in UK and I suppose things could be different in USA but I still think you must clicked something to make it do that. If you are fixing a pc and it is doing that I would tell your friend that a full and complete re-install of Windows 10 from sctratch is on the cards.
I didn't click anything to cause it. Just checked for updates as normal.

Now whether the owner clicked anything to allow it I don't know.
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