Windows 10 Pro


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I have recently acquired a Windows machine to use in my workshop. I have exclusively used Macintosh for the past ten years, but am familiar with both legacy and current Windows versions having worked on these machines over the years.

The machine has Windows 10 Home on it. However, after setting the it up, I was poking around and found an option to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. I was fully expecting it to take me to the store page where I could purchase a licence for Pro. But it just did the upgrade and is now running Pro. Any explanation for this? The machine shipped with Windows 8 I believe.


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Probably because there isn't a huge difference between Home and Pro, apart from the price if you buy it. The main differences in Pro are to do with networking where network administrators have much more say in how Windows handles network tasks.

Windows 10 is still available as a free upgrade from Windows 7 and 8.1. If you download the ISO from the microsoft site:-

You get multiple choices on what you install. I only ever use Windows 10 home as I have very little networking requirements but I suppose if you upgrade Windows 10 home then the upgrade will be Windows 10 Pro.

I would check using control panel/system that your copy of Windows 10 has actually been registered because Windows 10 does work to an extent even though the licence hasn't been activated.