Windows 10 Annoying Start bar problem


Daemon Poster
A lot of times if I have Youtube up or something, I'll move my pointer down the the start bar and it will not put up. (Not in fullscreen obviously in a video)
Like write now typing this the start bar will not show up. The only way to get it to pop up is doing Cntrl+Esc..

But after a 20-30 mins of using my laptop the start bar doesn't show the menu at the bottom it will only show the exactly start menu on the left side of the screen. (In screen shot)

Sometimes it goes back and forth if I'm lucky it will pop up and other times it won't. SUPER ANNOYING!

The only way of fixing it is restarting explorer.exe Which in windows 10 its now called windows explorer. For some reason this process is hard to find in task manager now. Now that there is categories. Windows explorer will sometimes show up in the Apps category. Sometimes in the windows process category and I believe it sometimes in backround processes.

Does this happen to anyone else?