Window7 PC that refuses to sleep

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This PC is mainly used to record TV shows.
PC that refuses to sleep like when the scheduled recording is completed usallely (normalley) about three minutes later the PC sleeps.

I recently upgraded my PC case, after the case upgrade PC refuses to sleep will only sleep if I force it to sleep


Cursor right
Cursor right

Here are the power settings in the BIOS.
ACPI Suspend mode S3 STR
Deep power off mode enabled
Power on by RTC alarm disabled
Power on by PCI devices disabled
Power on by PCIe devices disabled
Wake up by PS/2 KB/mouse enabled
Restore On AC Power loss Last state

All control panel
Power options
Power settings

Power settings put the computer to sleep in 10 minutes

Turn display off is set to never
PC will not sleep
The only change to PC, is the orginale cases front four USB ports have been physicalley removed from MOBO

I have'nt relocated these ports into the new case yet. I usalley have my wireless optical mouse connected to one of these USB ports

I currently have the mouse connected to the real USB port which are two additionale ports connected w/ a wire to MOBO USB header just like the four USBs that are currently unplugged.

do these unplugged ports need to be logicalley removed untill I reinstall the ports?

Maybe I should try to plug the wireless mouse into a USB port that is part of the printed circuit broad (MOBO)?

The DOS powercfg-lastwake command revels the tuner to wake PC.

Which is normal for tuner to turn on a sleeping PC for a scheduled recording problem is it never sleeps after the recording has completed.

The DOS powercfg-requests revels

edit I should mention another physicale change was to remove the exhaust fan that was connected to the MOBO header and connect new exhaust fan to molex PSU also connected two intake fans also w/ molex PSU.
the MOBO fan header has nothing connected to it.

Edit I've also checked power settings advanced
Control panel
Power options
Change when computer sleeps
Multimedia settings
Double click when sharing media= setting allow the computer to sleep PC still won't sleep.

Any suggestions on resolving the sllep issuse

Thanks STB



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See above. No reason to have two threads about this. Especially since no one will understand half of what you just said because it's in broken english and without the back story of the rest of the thread it is out of context.

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