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Where is a good place to buy a complete window kit. It has to be around 18 to 20 inches tall. The biggest i could find them was about 16 inches tall. I think that a 16 inch window would look kinda dumb in a 26 inch tall case. What is everyones opinion on this? Does anyone have any pictures of what a 16 inch tall window would look like in a taller case? I supposed that i could always build my own window but then i would have to find somewhere that sold the locking strip and molding. Thanks for your help.
Alot of my friends that put windows into their pc do the following:
Go to hardware store buy plexiglass (comes in sheets)
Go to automotive store for trim molding and double sided tape
Use dremel or Zaw saw to cut window, file edges smooth,
use molding on edges, cut and measure plexi, use tape to mount plexi to case and there you go a quick and easy way to window your pc...
Another way to mount your window is the way I did - with Nuts & Bolts! Cut out the hole for the window in your computer. Cut your plexiglass about 3/4" larger than the hole. Then drill small holes through the side panel and plexi and mount it with short bolts and nuts. It takes a bit longer, but the look is better IMO. Here is a pic of mine.

I think that is what i will end up doing. Do you just leave the screw head exposed or do you do something to hide it.
If you leave the head out it will probably look cooler, just get small, round head screws! lol, I work at a hardware store, I can cut you the fiberglass, and get you the nuts and bolts :) lol :)
now it looks like i might use double sided tape. My dad can get double sided tape that will hold like super glue does on your hands. If that doesn't work it is no big deal. All i would have to do is scrap off the double sided tape and drill holes for the screws.
I can cut you the fiberglass
what would i need fiberglass for?
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