Winamp causing intense lag on my computer


Beta member
Hey guys, so I recently re-installed Windows XP 64-bit Professional edition on my computer due to a Hard Disk failure on my other drive. Everything has been operating fine, I get no intense lag like I do with Winamp on any other program (including Windows Media Player).

My specs:

Intel Conroe E660 (Dual core) 2.4 GHZ
2 GB DDR 800 Ram
500 GB main hard drive
Sound Blaster Audigy Fatality Edition
Geforce 8800 GTX

I read about someone else having this problem, and updating their sound card driver fixed it. Here's where it gets weird: I updated it last night, and it fixed it! For the night... today it started lagging once again.

I've checked the processes, it's not using more memory than it should be or anything like that.

Anyone else heard of this issue?