win98 error no install log file

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I HOPE this is the correct forum for this question.

I cannot install software on my old PC (win 98). Install wizard terminates and gives the message error that an install log file cannot be found.

Can I manually re-establish this file, or is there a utility that will do the same?

I am trying to install HP psc 2110xi printer/scanner software off the CD that came with the printer.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
The CD contains several programs. The machine is a combination scanner, printer, eetc. I can load some of the programs (like OCR and Adobe) directly off the CD, but have not been able to get the scanner portion (the part that I need) loaded using the setup program off the CD, and have not been able to get the main "HP" software to load. I did get the printer going by installing through windows and letting it find the drivers on the disk.

The main setup program, which dies due to the log file problem, is the only way I seem to be able to get the main software, which includes the scanner software, loaded.
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