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i am trying to get 'No one lives forever' running on my pc. i have a good machine except that my operating system is windows XP. when i try to run NOLF i get the error message "NOLF is not a valid win32 application" that because i am running XP??? if so, is there any way around this without having to reinstall another OS on my machine...


Heh.... that actually happens alot when you download a game that you do not own the CD to and attempt to use a no CD crack.

Cheers. =)
well you dont know that for a fact Guy! Its probably Corrupt as the moderator said (Þª®åФx) because that also happens when viruses get into your machine and corrupt Win32 applications! Dont worry, You probably dont have a virus cause they infect a lot of programs like that

just reinstall the game
Your right, it's not a fact that he is doing it, but it is very likely considering that if it was just a corrupted file, he of course would have tried reinstalling from the CD, also, he didn't respond to my post.... or any post for that matter.

It is a fact, however, that when you try to get around copy protection using poorly written cracks or patches you get that error 8 out of 10 times. Most of the time you can just get another patch or crack to get it going though.... not that I have ever tried that or anything... =)
zanee ,
do a virus -scan for ur pc using an antivirus software , coz u may have got a virus that interrupt win32 applications as Slam said ,

Second , try installing the same copy u got on another pc , and see what happens .

Third , this problem may probably occur when u apply the No-cd crack (( With incorrect game version )) , so if ur using that carck , ensure to use the one with ur game version..
hope this helps
The same thing is happening with me when I double click to open an image file.

"****.jpg/psp/bmp/etc. is not a valid win32 application" message appears. It seems I can only associate my images files to open with Windows Picture And Fax Viewer.

What gives??? I'm sick of it...
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