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ok here's my problem , when i first installed win2k everything was fine , but 2 days later my shutdown got very sluggish not it takes like a minute to shutdown and i used ot get a msg when i scandisk ( corrupt software.log) could that be causing it ..

and also before i buy games I try to watch some stream mpegs on them to see how they are as of 2 days ago i cant stream them anymore media player just sits there then says (mplayer2.exe has generated a error and will be closed by windows you need to restart this program)

thanks in advance for any help
Well, first, if you havent already I would get SP3 installed and any other windows updates that are available downloaded.

Secondly, go through msconfig and remove anything you dont vitally need to run windows. Having things running in the backround is the #1 reason a shutdown would take long. Also try a defrag and a thorugh scandisk from a boot disk.
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