Win2K Admin Password???

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A friend asked me to install MS Office in her laptop which has Windows2000 as OS.
The problem is, it prompts me for an Administrator password during startup.She said it doesnt have any passwords.
I tried ESC and ENTER but neither worked.Is there anyway to go thur this?is there any default administrator password for Win2K?

go into your control panel and into users. there is where u can edit ur password but I think u need to know the password to change it. ummmm..... try typing in just any old thing and see if that works. if it doesn't tell me.
i cant do that Randy :(
during startup,it prompts me immediately.pressing Esc nor Enter wont let me enter win2K.
Ahh...Same here on a PC i built but for Windows XP Professional for a Home Computer...He said one day he turned it on-never put a password on it but it asked him for a password! Now it says type in a password in 2 days or all your files are deleted! :(
i say its a logon prompt and not BIOS.
i can get until after it say Windows 2000 starting up.
ESC nor ENTER works.Cancel button cant be clicked (not highlighted).
this is something interesting. you can also load another os directly from a CD.(some flavours of linux) and then check the SAM files in the win directory. maybe this works!
Admin P/W 2k

If u go to you can download a emergency version of ERD Commander which if you burn to a cd as a bootable boots your computer into a windows shell and give full access rights so u can change the administrator password, the tools u need to use is called Locksmith

Hope this helps!!! :D
dude I had the exact same problem. I didnt type a damn thing in and it asked for a password and wouldn't let me do anything. So, I reinstalled Windows and it worked just right the next time around.
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