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Good day All
Hope you are well? I was hoping you could please help me? I am having issues with a duplicate display, I recently hooked TV up as additional screen using an HDMI extender via CAT6 and it works fine when I have it on Extend Screen, but as soon as I choose to duplicate display then it only displays in the center of both monitor and TV,I've changed the drivers,display settings,scaling,refresh rate but nothing seems to help, the monitor is on display port and the TV on an HDMI extender via CAT 6 and on an HDMI to display port converter. Could you please assist? Please see attached, extended and duplicate views where there is a thick black border on both surrounding the display, it's a desktop and the TV is mounted against the wall that is why I had to use the hdmi extender, the desktop only has display ports so used a hdmi converter. when extendinging the displays it is fine,it just happens when I duplicate displays then ithe picture immediately jumps to the middle of each screen, hoping this explains it more and that you able to assist? System Specs: 11th gen i7 3.6Ghz


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Hi Adilz, Your screen resolution was probably set for high definition or high defintion friendly monitor and thats why you see thick black borders surounding the display in the center. I have a High definition Mitzbeshi 1080 TV that displays in the same exact manner as your screen. This is normal if you have a high definition type monitor. My mother ordered high definition cable and the screen displays the same as mentioned above. This is how high defintion is supposed to display. An HDMI is generally used as a High defintion converter that will convert your monitor to high definition. Any screens hooked up using an HDMI extender will convert to High definition.
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