Win XP uprading?

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I have win2000 pro right now and I am pretty happy with it. Very rare do I see a blue screen of death and computer freezes.

1.Should I upgrade to win xp?
2.Will it be as stable as win2000 pro?
3.Which version of xp is better?

Keep in mind that I want compatability and security.
Thanks in advance if u can help me! :)

If u need help with win xp installing, go to:
Personally, I prefer XP.. it's very stable, highly customizable, and quite secure. However, if Win2k is doing what you want it to do (ie. not crashing), don't bother upgrading.

You know the saying: "if it aint broke, etc..."

As for Home Edition vs. Pro: Decide for yourself.. it all depends on what features are important to you..

There's a handy comparison at that might help you decide... also keep in mind that Pro costs substantially more than home (you were planning on PAYING for it, weren't you ;))
1) Depends. If you are happy, then don't bother... unless if you want the extras (new GUI, etc.)

2) Being built on Win2K and of course, Win2K being built on NT, it's just as stable.

3) If you happen to use almost all the features of Win2K, then Pro is the better choice. Otherwise Home is good for users who don't need the extra remote networking/hardware enhancement features.
Well, I plan to stay w/ 2000 pro for a bit longer. The new GUI is cool, but im using WindowBlinds, so that makes it as close to XP as your going to get. Im still not sure which is better, XP home or pro. I dont have a network or anything and dont plan on using dual procs.
I'd keep 2k if you are happy with it. I think it is the more secure of the 2 OS's. But if you must get XP, then go for XP pro, they left out too much on home edition.
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