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Is there any way to use win xp themes without using any kind of software??

If not, is there any kind of freeware software that can install themes for you?
ahh thats way to much work just get "stylexp" i havent paid a cent for it and its worken perfect :D
I believe you're referring to the visual styles, not the startup screen like MicroBell thought. The easiest way is definately StyleXP, especially for the inexperienced user. If you're feeling brave, though, you can download the attached file and do the following:

1. make sure you've got service pack 1 (
2. go to <windows directory>/ServicePackFiles/I386 and remove uxtheme.dll
3. go to <windows directory>/system32/dllcache and remove uxtheme.dll
4. go to <windows directory>/system32 and rename the uxtheme.dll, uxtheme.bak...
5. copy in the new uxtheme.dll and tell it you want to keep the unrecognized version.
6. Reboot

Good luck!


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Hehehehh wasan't expecting that many replys (thanks :) )

Well I went to that Anubis pointed out, and there they said in a small tutorial that the easyest way to install a theme, without software or mods was to download, extract the theam and place it in:


It worked perfectly for me though I cant use special themes that require instalation.

So this mod that u pointed out, Paradox would alow me to use ANY kind of theme?
The method I mentioned above does exactly what StyleXP does.. so far I haven't encountered any themes it doesn't work with, and believe me, I've tried a LOT of themes :)
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þÄ®âÐÖx said:

5. copy in the new uxtheme.dll and tell it you want to keep the unrecognized version.
6. Reboot

Good luck!

Hmm...this method is interesting, and though I have been quite content with StyleXP for a while, I might like to try it as soon as I have some spare time. Does it work with the .msstyles that uses?

I once used Windowblinds and hated it...despite the hundreds of thousands of available themes. StyleXP's only problem is when the system clock is has trouble loading...and I change the years on my system clock a lot for different reasons (don't ask ;) )
Yup, works perfectly with .msstyle files. I used StyleXP for quite some time without any problems, but I wasn't really interested in paying for software that I can easily live without.
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