Win XP Testing Only?

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My friend had to reformat and re-install WIN XP after a crash. Now in the lower right hand corner above the taskbar it shows "Windows XP Home Edition for Testing Only"

What would have caused this? She has a HP Pavillion and used the 7 CD's they provide to restore the system.

We also installed replaced her DVD player with a new DVD/CD writer, now all the drive letters are messed up. How do we fix that?

Anyone know what program rd32.exe belongs to? Zonealarm keeps letting me know it's trying to access the internet.
sounds like she has an evaluation copy. I might be wrong though, Call HP.
rd32 belongs to adobe acrobat. Don't know why it is trying to hit the net.
I would recommend using fdisk to format and then reinstall xp. Make sure you have a good key though. that should clear it up .
Testing Only

We did a complete repartition and reformat of her hd. HP sent her 7 CD's to use when restoring, re-installing or repairing Win XP. I don't recall a screen asking for her key code or to re activate.

She's remodeling and has only been able to find a limited amt of her HP paperwork.
then she just got an evaluation copy of xp. It would have requested a key, look on her machine there might be her key located on the back. She needs to contact HP they should send her an xp cd (full version not an eval)

use the search here and find the thread on how to see if your xp is activated and let me know.
Another HP Pavillion Horror Story,,,

I agree with MZ,, when using the Restore Cd's ,, you are not asked for a key,, I know the process from my old pavillion that now sits in a closet due to the fact that the machine will only run correctly with THEIR restore CD's,,, further ,, asking anything from HP will Incur $$$$,, been down that road too,,, even though with the purchase of your PC you bought a License, try expressing that to the HP office and then have them send a Disk,,, you have to be tenacious!!

As for the Drive letters: Start >Control Panel > Administrative tools > Storage >Disk Management

or if you have admin tools on the ALL Programs List follow from there,,,

Once in Disk Management, on the right side, lower pane, you will see the drives attached to your PC,, this is a bit of a backwards process,, so bear with me here,,

In order to get the drive letter that you wish with the proper drive,, you must FIRST change the letter on the Incorrect Drive (the letter You want) to a Letter further down in the Alphabet,, this will "free" the letter up for use,

to change the letters, left click on the drive to choose it, then RIGHT click on it,,first option is change drive letter and paths,, click on that ,, and follow the logic,,

Aside from that ,, Good luck with HP,, I hope you receive better service,,

On the Adobe,, it has an agent that goes to the internet to check for Updates , it does this everytime you logon, and then when you access it will notify you of updates and ask if you wish to retreive them,,

do companies not do what they are supposed to anymore? Last time i bought a pc i got like 3 yrs tech support. But then it has been a while since i bought a pc.
extended warranty

My friend did purchase a 3 year extended warranty from Circut City but now they claim it does not cover software issues.
ok, fdisk and format the drive, then call circuit city and tell them the pc wont boot, they should have you bring it in and let the warranty cover it.... a little sneaky but sometimes you gotta be. if not let me know and I'll see what I can do.
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