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Does anyone know how to add logoff scripts to winxp home edition there is no group policy console that i can find :mad: it is usually called gpedit.msc but its not here and its deffo not in system32 directory. Help please, please!
windows Xp Home Edition

ok then does any one no hows to add a logoff script to winxp home edition. Or does anyone now what the registry entried are for winxp pro wen u add a logon script through group policy i could then maybee try these reg entried on my computer to see if they work
mmc panel

You know I am not sure about home edition, but in Pro you can go to Start>run and type in "mmc" Microsoft management Console.

Then once you are in you click on "File>Add/Remove Snap-in" then "Add" Then you look for "Group Policy" and add, Finish, Close, OK.

This lets you manipulate local policies on the PC. Again this is a Windows XP PRO and 2000 thing. I am not sure if Home has the same settings.
Well Duh! Cniv I just saw your post -- where did that come from? It wasn't there when I first read -- heh.

Okay, pls disregard my last post -- it is clearly NOT available on Home Edition. So 97lt2959 I reccomend getting Pro if you want advanced secirity options.
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