Win XP Cannot Make Folders UNavailable Offline

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I have been synchronizing networked data folders from the Win XP network to my Win XP laptop for over a year now.

Recently I have been having problems with some large files (over 500 and 1Gb) not synchronizing properly.

I am blaming this on disk space on my laptop and want to reduce the number of folders I am synchronizing so I can sync the most important files.

When I right click on the folder to deselect the "Make Available Offline" this menu item is grayed out and unselectable.
I have tried turning off synchronization and deleting all offline files then turning sync back on again but all the same folders are still marked "Make Available Offline" and still grayed out.

Anyone know how I can correct this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks Crash.

I did find this article earlier.
Unfortunately this article does not address why the "Make Available Offline" menu item is grayed out and unselectable.

I'm hoping there may be a registry setting or something that I can use to clear all offline folder settings so I can start over again.



I had this same issue and this is how I fixed it. Get MS Article: 304624 (;en-us;304624). This talks about configuring the Group Policy for Active Directory. If your connecting to an NT domain you can have the same problem. There is a Group Policy on XP Pro. Complete the following to fix:

1. Start / Run, enter MMC select OK.
2. Select Add/Remove Snap-in.
3. Select Add and select Group Policy and then select the defaults to get back to the MMC.
4. Follow from step 6 in MS Article: 304624.

You may have to reboot to finish.

Hope this solves your issue.

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