WIN XP auto on/off --EASY?

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I think this is as basic as it gets, but I haven't found an easy answer. I got
eMachine WIN XP home edition, one user, no log in set up. Question:
how can I get the machine to turn itself on at 7:00 AM (while the coffee
is brewing), and then turn itself off at 11:00 PM? This is easy, right? TIA.
That will let him shutdown when he wants, but he cant use that to auto startup. Im still looking, but I dont think its possible unless there is a setting for it in the BIOS.

Or maybe if you put the power for the system on a timed switch...

But programs installed in windows will most likely not function when the computer is not on, if you get my drift.
Well, depending on the age of the comp. With the older ones, the switch stayed in the position it was left in. If its XP though, your right, think he may be out of luck without a serious case mod...
Debaser said:
Maybe there is a mod that will let you introduce a kind of timer switch onto your motherboard or something.

But really XP boots up and shuts down so much quicker than previous versions of Windows, you should find it boots up faster than your kettle boils!

That is unless your kettle is super fast at boiling water! :D

Ya that confirms it, I talked to a bunch of people about this and the only way your gonna get a scheduled start up is if it is supported in your BIOS

If so there should e an option in there somewhere.
Good luck
If you consider the option you may easily create an electronic circuit that uses a simple timer and a realy/Switch to Power on the PC andSW, there are several possibillitys out there for
powering it off.

This is based upon that the power switch in a modern PC does not actually cut the AC mains but are controlling the power module by means from the motherboard. That should mean that a small and cheap circut (less than 5$) would be feasible. I haven't checked how it actually works but it ought to be a momentaneous closing to get the desired action.
Go to ure mobo vendor and see if it has the feature, or u can just press del when ure computer is starting up, and go into the bios, and explorer till u find a place where u can enable timer startup. I have never tried it but I just looked up how its there.

Goto Advanced -> Startup -> [select Everyday or Set day]
thats how my bios screen works, but dono about ures.

I have a ASUS A7M266-D.

Or if u really need it bad, get a timer that complets a circuit, and then cut the wires that goes to ure power switch in ure computer, and put that device in between. Or u can just simply replace the power up jumpers in the mobo by that timer device.
Not a bad Idea to leave it on 24/7 unless u dont wanna save power or if u have a really noisy computer.
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