Win Xp and Dialup Disconnects

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I am wondering how to fix this problem with my new computer running WinXP.

I connect to the internet via dialup and have no problems viewing websites or downloading from websites. However, I am also a gamer and beta tester for a few games. The problem starts when I am, say viewing a web page through Internet Explorer, I attempt to open my online game, (Anarchy Online or Eve-Online).. As soon as I do this, my internet connection is disconnected.. This also happens if I am playing the above mentioned games and try to open a web site..

I have spoken with my isp provider, IBM, and got the run around from Microsoft.

I spoke also with a tech at, where we (or he) narrowed it down to an error 23.. It was suggested to dowload ALL the windows updates, which I have done now, with no success...

On a side note, I am able to play these games and browse the web on my previous system running Win98se..

Any help with this..?

System Specs:
IBM Intel Celeron 2GHz
256 RAM
Direct X 9.0a
nvidia geforce 2x
do you have a shared phone line where calls can come in? Sometimes on newer computers, the modems are programmed to shut off the connection if a call comes in. Also, if the connection sits idle, just like 98, it will drop the connection.

Don't know if this is helpful, but this is all i can think of.
Hey Josh,
thanks for yer reply, but no shared lines... this happens every instance I try and switch either between Game to IE or IE to Game...
the other possibility, then, is that Internet Explorer has somewhere set in its preferences that when you close internet explorer, you also close the connection. It should be in the 'Connections' tab under Interet Settings.
hmm... I changed Lan settings to nil... and choose settings to never dial..

I thought for 2 minutes that it worked.. however i noticed my little dialup icon was gone from the lower right side of the screen.. and just as I was typing a thankyou letter... BAM.. heh, disconnected.. I am just about at the point to where I am going to pretend I was never able to view web pages and play a game at the same time.. :eek:
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