Win on HDD 0 and Linux on HDD 1


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Hi, from a previous thread I wrote about installing Windows on one hard drive and then Linux on a second. My setup is:

  • [0] HDD 320gb (NTFS) : Windows OS's with possible partitions (like 10gb) for Win98 (for old games)
  • [1] HDD 320gb (EXT4) : Debian
  • [2] HDD 1tb (NTFS) : Data Drive ( keeps all data from both os's, such as music, pics, videos, docs, etc)
  • [3] HDD 1tb (NTFS) : Data backup for [2] drive
So I have done so except for drive [1], the Linux drive. I wanted to install it, and I started with Mint Linux Debian, just for fun, I was going to partition the drive into two so I could run Debian and then another distro, at this time Mint. SO upon installing it, it asked me where do I want GRUB installed, so I said install it on drive [0], the drive containing Windows. However, it told me that I don't have enough space on that drive (if i remember correctly). Either way, it failed to install GRUB, and the installation cancelled. Do I need to provide some extra space on drive [0] for GRUB? If so how much. Currently the drive has two partitions:

[0']: System Reserved (100mb)
[0'']: C:\ (297.99mb)