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I'm running a win 2000 OS on a Pentium 2 350MHz. I would change the OS but I can because of certain reasons. However it runs so slow. Even to open a window it takes forever. I'm just wondering if there is anyway to get it to run half way decent?! I have multiple computers mosly pentum 3's and 4's from DELL conected to my network but it's had to keep the network up because we keep loosing the TISR shot so we loose communications to for everything; phones, sipernet, etc... I need to maintain these systems but it's hard with just me. So any help would be nice.
hmm if u hgave a good mobo u might be able to oc ur 350 mhz to 500 ish thats a decent speed i guess but i had the same my comp was to slow so i bought a p4 2.4 ghz and oc to 3 ghz and its runnen good :D

are you using the win2k box as a router/ip forwarding??

if so, your other pc's on your "network" are going through it, results in drop in performance,,

you havent provided many details of your setup, so I am going to go on this thought,,, plus how much ram do you have in it, if you are using this machine as the "conduit" to the internet, then jack up the ram win2k is a hog! further,, check out your pagefile, if you can try your pagefile at 2.5 x's the ram,,then decrease to where you see the best performance,, if possible ,, add a second drive to the machine,,just a small one, to act as the pagefile drive,, taking the swap file off the boot partition will also improve perfomance,,

O/C'ing is great!! shoot for about 20-30% of your chip speed as AZip stated,, get the specs on your MOBO,, and away you go!

Further,,if you are having problems with the network dropping, have you possibly lost sync with your ISP? I know that in canada ROGER'S is terrible for having to call to reset NIC'S

anyhow,, if it is any help, I ran win2k pro on an old P166 o/c'd to 200 with 128 mb of ram,, the thing ran smooth and stable!!

your machine shouldnt have an issue to be able to handle win2k ,, just make sure your ram is UP there!

TO AZIP,, what chip are you running at that O/C setting,, I have a northwood,,2.0 and have seen that clocking it to 2.5 is no issue,,
but i am always looking for something new,,,,

cheers :)
I know I hadn't given up too much information about my setup. There are reasons for that. I don't have the authority to do much with the hardware just the software and network. The reason is because I work for the military. I'm at a loss for additions to any of the systems because of my location. The TISR shot is shooting back to another point about 6 clicks to the rear. Yes CrashAbbott I do keep loosing sync with the ISP but I can't keep it up. We've tried to loop the signal back but nothing seems to work right on it. That's on the commo equipment. Here also we're constantly reseting NIC'sI'm not using this machine as the "conduit" to the internet. There isn't much I can do on this side of the TISR shot because another group runs the otherside which is were all the routers and servers are. Like I said I'm about 6 clicks away working on this side. So the systems are just additions to the network that's all.
This machine is running 64 Mb's of RAM. I'll try some of your other suggestions without the hardware expansion. I'll get those specs
Oh sorry had a brain fart... I can't O/C this machine because I have nothing to overclock it with (hardware wise). So anything else for suggestions would be great.
hey, im running win2k on a 233mhz machine LOL and suprisingly it runs pretty smooth and quick. it actually runs better than win98

weird eh? i wanna overclock but im not so sure how...
chart i suggest, go into the add/remove windows components and take anything off you know you dont need. and go through and clean up al the junk in your files and such.
have you gone through your services.msc file and stopped all unnecessary services? that should free up some system resources.
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