Will we have the internet in the future?


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I'm sure that, at present day the internet is still in its juvenile stage, in the future the internet will develop into more than a necessity thing.
I presume there will a super internet, not in term of speed but rather in
connectivity, every appliances will be connected on the net and smartphones will serve more than just clients, they will act as servers too and perform as a intricate webbing between every gadget holder.
One good news is every moms will be able to monitor, locate and even check the health state of their children through devices their wearing.


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To think that we wouldn't have Internet in the future, I believe, would be foolish. The Internet has had nothing but growth since it was founded. The current transformation is into the Internet of Things (IoT) in which washing machines, stoves, refrigerators, and more are all connected to the web and accessible.

The future of the Internet will most likely see a lot of transformation as we move from IPv4 to IPv6 on a more global scale and see more and more devices connect and the requirements of security evolve with the available technology, but it will still exist.
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