Will DDR 133 work in a newer motherboard?

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My friend is wanting to switch out the motherboard from his ancient computer. He has two sticks of memory in the old motherboard. One is DDR 266 and one is DDR 133. Will these work in newer motherboards? The motherboard I'm considering is this one:

It says that it supports DDR 400, but I was wondering if it will support the slower DDR as well.


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Im pretty sure yes, as long as they are the right pin ram (184) than you will be alright running the slower ram, although i do not recomend it seeing asthough it decrease performance.

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Idk if it will work. Mem speeds tend to go along with the fsb of a processor. And older rams tend to have different pin counts. Just read elbatrop1s' guide on ram.

Also, i recomend that he gets up to date and buys some ddr 400 ram. Its mad cheap to. Just for a value select stick. As i doubt he will need good ram, if he's flying with that old stuff. :p

And that ram (133, 266) is actually worth quite abit now adays. Since its discontinued. :)
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