Wild! 'Legend of Zelda: The Wind Walker'

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If having Link fight evil in his pajamas and taking color photos sounds good
to you, then read on.

You must beat the game once and save. Now you can play Wind Waker again, but this time you can make Link fight in his pajamas.

When you play through the second time, check your inventory and you
should find the DX camera. This will allow you to take color photos.
I am forcing myself not to buy this game because I am boycotting cell shading, but cool secret none-the-less.
Yeah, I was not a fan of the cell shading, but after a while you almost forget about it.
Did anyone check out the "Nintendo Gallery?" It adds a fun aspect to taking photos.

Btw, anyone interested in special photos of Ganon, the King, etc, should go to the photo guy's place on windfall at night. He sells special photos at varying phases of the moon.
Thanks for the offer "The_Red_Mage", but I am not that interested, well kinda, can u send me some links.???
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