Wifi extender Not allowing Internet access. Netgear, N300 extender model WN3000RPv3.


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I'm hoping someone can offer some guidance. I bought a wifi extender to be able to connect to a public WiFi at work. It was working fine when suddenly it won't allow an Internet connection.

When I am able to connect to the WiFi directly I have no problems. Once I connect I just need to open my phones browser and a connection page comes up for me to tap on "connect to Internet". No problems, works great.

Now, when I go through the extender I get a message saying "your device is connected but this network may not provide Internet access. Tap OK to stay connected". Even if my phone prompts me to open my browser to finish the connection, there isn't any Internet access for the page to open.

So, I'm connected to the WiFi but no Internet access. It's driving me crazy because It was working when I took it out of the box and set it up. It seemed to start having this problem after daylight savings, but I can still connect directly to the WiFi so I don't think it's a date/time issue? I've factory reset the extender multiple times, restarted my phone and I've played around with the settings. I really don't know what has changed. I'm a novice and learning as I go.

Hope someone can help.

Thank for taking a look.


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Sounds like a lease issue or potentially DNS? Have you tried forgetting the network on your phone and not connecting unless your on the extender itself?