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Alright I have a delema. I want to get DSL at my neighbors house using my wireless (they have dialup) router. Iv tried running a extension cord through neighbors yard to plug in a network extender but they neighbors werent to happy about that. SO since we're having work done on our house, Our TV antenna, The giant one on the roof is out and the wires are exposed and there a splitter on the floor that I have acess to and a giat spool of wires, and some connectors for the ends of the wire. I have a DI 614+ and I want to hook the router up to the TV antenna. I dont care about the legal mombo jumbo Just tell me what I need and how much and where to get it PLEASE THANKS!!!

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I do not think that your TV antenna runs at the same freq. as WiFi (2.4ghz)

you would be better off if you just broadcasted it off of a regular WiFi router and they picked it up at their house with a powerful CANTENNA at their house.
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