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hello im having a problem with installing and running some programs/games i downloaded the latest nividia gfphx card driver for geforce gts 240 but whenever i try install it says "resolution is to low" or something about VGA but i swapped my hdmi cord with my VGA but still same problem but my current res is 1920x1080 so it wont let me install update any ideas?
yeah i unistall it but when i have to restart my computer is re-installs itself automatically before i have the chance to install the latest driver
First of all, the latest drivers for your card are here. If you didn't download them from that site, I suggest redownloading from the link I posted.

Go to Start–>Search type in gpedit.msc
Next, go to Computer Configuration->Administrative Templates->System->Device Installation. Click on the subfolder Device Installation on the left and on the right side you will see the possible restrictions.
Right Click on Prevent Installation of Devices not described by other policy settings and edit this option, set it on ENABLED.

Uninstall the gfx card driver, reboot windows. Then install the updated drivers.
After you've done that you can set the Device Installation back to what it was.

**** no gpedit.msc for windows 7 home premium so i guess this sint possible.. thanks anyway the other steps wont work at all without this gpedit.msc right? and that was the update i downloaded so it was the right one thanks for the help anyway much appreciated
Guru3D - Driver Sweeper

Get Driver Sweeper and run that to remove all remnants of the old drivers. When you restart you should see Windows in 16 bit color and a 600x480 resolution. From there install the latest drivers from the nVidia site for your version of Win7.
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