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Hey ppl, I have a Philips PCRW404, and I use CloneCD, Nero5, and CDRWin5 to burn cd's. The problem is that Nero and CDRWin don't recognize either my burner or my Hitachi GD-200 CD/DVD rom drive. Only CloneCD "sees"all my drives. The other 2 only see a virtual drive that I don't care s*it about. And this is a recent problem, it started only a while ago (re-installing the softwares did not help)...

Thanx for any help
Did you download the newest nero update? Perhaps it has no driver for your cdrewriter. but the dvd drive should be recognized.
Yeha, nero was updated, but I alredy fixed the problem: I removed everything possily related to my CD burner (including aspi) and then physicly removed the burner....then I re-istalles everything, as if I had a new burner, and it worked (only diffrence is that I used force aspi)...thanks anyway =)
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