Wierd Power Button Issue


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I have an Asus g53sx laptop, which I bought only a couple months ago, and recently the power button has not been working properly. I've take it to several techs who could not fix it, and the only thing I would be able to do is send it in to Asus for repair, but this takes 1 month which I cannot spare due to using this laptop for school.

Here's what I've observed about the problem:
-When I initially open the lid, the power button never works.
-If I turn the laptop upside down and hit the power button it works most of the time
-If I open the lid but wait for several minutes before hitting the power button it works.
-If I put the laptop on sleep, and close the lid, when I open the lid (like above) I have to wait several minutes, without hitting any buttons before I can just hit a key on the keyboard and have the laptop wake up. Note that the power button LED still flashes on sleep, just the button itself does not work instantly upon opening the lid.

I myself am quite familiar with computer, and this problem doesn't really make sense to me, as it can't just be a lose wire, because if you wait a couple minutes without touching anything, after opening the lid, the buttons work.

Thanks in advanced for any help.


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Sounds like your going to have to send it in at some point. Don't wait too long in case your warranty expires.