Why won't prince of persia 2 work?

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my computer played the demo just fine and it will start the full version but when it is playing the intro movie it gets to the part on the boat and the program exits, why?
Can't you just skip the into movie? Have you tried pushing Esc, Spacebar, Enter, or left clicking your mouse just to skip it?
Otherwise I'd see if the developer's site has a patch available or read their latest faq to see if there's a graphics card issue here.
thanks for the info jorsoft but I still have the problem... I have yet to check for a patch but you cant skip this movie, I have tried already, I have even tried to minimize the program and maximize it to see if that would skip it... but it still doesn't, I might just get a new copy... if no patches are available...
already have the latest..., it will play doom3 without problems? so I wonder why it still won't play pop2...(it played the demo)

I think I will just extchange it...(maybe i got a bad copy...)

(nvidia geforce 6600 gt) - newest driver? = 71.89
Yeah I guess you may just as well. There's not much else to do in this situation, you've tried everything you could have, I think.
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