Why waiting for mainstream AMD Ryzen is a good idea


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So AMD is just about ready to release its new set of AM4 Processors which according to numerous sources will totally kick the pants off of any Intel offering however there is a bit of a caveat:
The mainstream processors AKA processors us non enthusiasts and non rich people cannot afford will not come out until after Q1 which for those who dont know what that means that is the months between January and March.

This means the AMD mainstreams will not come out until at the very least the month of April and the latest June and those of us who cannot afford a processor thats more than $120 well they will have to wait a little longer.
Right now its tax season and that means a lot of us are getting money to put forward toward a build however the least expensive one of AMD's initial enthusiast grade CPU's will cost $320 USD.
You can buy a cheaper core i5 for that kind of money yes but honestly with the news that the $260 1600X will be on par with a $617 core i7 well waiting for your build is a very very good idea.
I know some of you want to make your builds now,m heck if i could do it now I sure would but I know I wont buy anything for my new build until at least April... well maybe a case but I have to see how that will go personally as i have a high phone bill to pay.
In any case I know that most of us want to go out and buy a new machine and replace a old computer or something.
But if anything I personally am is patient, I need to conserve some money anyhow so this waiting period is to my advantage.
And to be honest i think a lot of you here who are planning to build should do the same.
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Considering that most people that have waited for Ryzen are mostly people looking at i5 or lower end i7 builds, I don't see much point in waiting. If someone was going to drop $250-$300 on an i5 or i7, I don't see why they wouldn't just drop the $320 on a a Ryzen chip right now and enjoy it.
Well I know I personally cannot afford to have a $320 chip as yes technically I could afford that but I would have less money on other parts.
In my case I am not upgrading my current build, no I am almost doing this from scratch.
With mostly new parts... new case, new Mobo, new RAM not to mention maybe having to buy new case fans and a heatsink.
Plus there is buying a windows license too cannot forget that.
This is all pretty common sense tbh. The thing is the people who were waiting for tax season are probably content creators so they'll probably want an R7 anyways. The R5 1400 and 1600 will be for the rest of the people.
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