Why p4s run cooler than athlon xps

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I have heard many people say that intel processors run cooler than amd processors. I recently bought a p4 2.6ghz (not because they run cooler cuz that would be stupid) and i figured out why this is true. If amd were to include as big of heatsink as intel included with a p4 athlon xps would run a lot cooler. Intels's stock heatsinks are HUGE compared to amd's heatsinks. I just thought that i would share this with everyone.
It doesn't really matter the size of the HS or the amount of fins it has... only as long as it cools the CPU effectively... I've seen some 'less-fancy' HSF's cool better than fancy, bigger ones.

And if anyone bothers using the stock AMD cooler, best to scrape off the 'chewing-gum-like' thermal pad and use some paste (preferably AS3) instead... also case cooling is an important factor... even the best HSF out there is not gonna do well in a case with absymal airflow.
Yes.. I have a crazy huge Volcano 9 on my AMD... but it is also true that if you take the heatsinks off of both a p4 and an AMD the AMD will generally fry faster, so there is some truth to the fact that AMDs run a bit hotter than the p4s.
P4 is made to run safe, It could be over clocked a whole lot. on the other hand, Athlon (all AMD) are already over clocked, running less stably, makin it hotter. Try takin the heat sink off a Athlon and fry's in about 2 sec.
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