why is my computer doing this!!


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ok i have my computer built, specs, gigabyte G31M-ES2L motherboard, 2 gb of 800hmz ddr2 ram, asus 9500gt 512mb, 500watt power supply, pentium 4 3.00ghz overclocked to 3.3ghz.

but for some reason even running need for speed most wanted on LOW graphics it starts to lag!! like it shutters a bit, and when i load up crysis well for some reason it doesnt load up in full screen only like a box, can some one please tell me why my games mess up on even low graphics, is it my cpu thats not that good? what can i do to make my games run smoothly.



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Well it deffinately sounds like a CPU problem to me personally. The rest of your system is good and I am assuming that you motherboard is LGA 775 based on the other parts your running. So I would say a CPU upgrade might be a worthwhile thing to look into.
The weird loading box issue in Crysis doesn't make sense, but when I think about it, it could be because the game was not designed for Pentium 4 Procs.

Also, do what our friend here said and reset proc to stock clocks.

So I would say it is likely a CPU problem worth of an upgrade. What is your budget for a new CPU?
Youre right to 630083,crysis wasnt designed with P4's in mind.Also your Pentium 4 could be Bottle-necking the rest of your parts (because of the lack of performance from your CPU,it's bringing other parts down perfomance wise).