Why doesnt Windows refresh CDR dir contents?

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A number of AVI files were on my system that I wished to place onto CDR for future retrieval. For efficiency I decided to zip all 80 .avi files into a single .ZIP file but have the file "split" over a number of CDR discs in order to maximize cd space usage. While using NeroBurn I made the mistake of using the same NEW compilation window to drag/drop these partial .ZIP files to create each subsequent CDRs. In effect each created CDR disc now has the same Volume Label (and likely, Serial #). The problem is when i use WinZip to extract one or all the .AVI files from the archive on the CDR discs.

WinZip will ask for a particular CDR disc and then begin extracting correctly. However when it asks for the next CDR disc, and I insert it to continue the extraction, WinZip erroneously reports that the CDR disc is incorrect thinking that I have NOT inserted the proper CDR but in fact left the same one in the drive. While still in Windows i popup a DOS console window to check the CDR directory contents and oddly enough WinZip is correct -- the contents is STILL showing as the previous CDR disc as if Windows has not updated the directory contents for the new CDR.

I have not rebooted and entered real dos mode to simply copy the entire contents from each CDR then reeneter Windows to do the winzip extraction. I would like to find out a more convenient solution to this problem - essentially getting Windows to refresh its directory contents each time i insert a new CDR even when each CDR disc has the same Volume Label and Serial #.

Thanks for any tips. I am using Windows 2000 Pro, Hitachi GD-7000 DVDROM and have already tried enabling/disabling Auto-Play CDROM.
did you try hitting the f5 for refreshing? Also it due to you having put in a new cd with the same name it thinks you haven't put a new cd in.
Yes i tried doing a refresh but the problem remains. I think it may have to do with Winzip. While it waits for the next disc the entire OS seems unable to refresh the CDR contents but when canceled all returns back to normal. Strange problem.
Hey thanks a lot microsoftne. I'd appreciate any assistance you can provide. Again, I create a multipart .ZIP file using WinRar(?) and then store each file onto CDR. Each CDR has the exact same Volume Label and Serial # by simply reusing the same NEW Compilation window of Nero Burn. Then using WinZip i try to extract a few files from the archive. This requires me to insert a certain CDR and when WinZip is thru it asks for the next in sequence. On trying to access this newly inserted disc WInZip is confused thinking it is the same CDR as was previously in the drive. On canceling the WinZip dialog Windows is able to get a fresh reading.
I figured the same thing (change the volume label, serial #). But how do i do that on already written to CDR discs that have been finalized?!? There are over 15 CDRs in the collection and I'd hate to have to start all over again.

I thought I'd let you guys know of a solution I found, as I was experiencing the same problem.

In Windows XP, if you use the Removable Storage console to eject the medium, it forces Windows to clear it's "cache" of information about the CD. It's a pain, but it works.

To do this, right click "My Computer", go to Manage. From there, expand "Storage", then "Removable Storage", then "Libraries." Click the drive the medium is in, then select the volume in the right panel. Use the toolbar eject button, or right click the name and goto Eject. A rediculous wizard will appear to assist you.

Hope this helps!
PS, I found a workaround. In the Removable Storage console I mentioned earlier, you can go to the properties of your CD drive in the Libraries listing, and change the dismount retention duration. It defaults to 5 minutes, if you change it to 0, you should never have a problem with windows "remembering" CDs (in that drive) again.

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