Why can't I pick up Wi-Fi?


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My building recently got Wi-Fi, and whereas before I could find my neighbor's Wi-Fi on my list, now for some reason, I can't pick up the Wi-Fi in the building. When I go to "Connect to a Network ", the house Wi-Fi network does not come up. However, I do see it in "Manage Wireless Networks", but I can't connect to it there. It should be said that I have cable internet access, but even so, when I would look to connect a network before, I had no trouble getting a list (the neighbor, the carwash next door, partyguy50 or some other such thing).

I asked for advice on another forum and it was suggested that I needed to flush the DNS, and I did what I was instructed. A little box flashed onto the screen and was instantly gone, but this did absolutely nothing, at least nothing to solve my problem.

Why can I see the network in "Manage Wireless Networks", but not where it should be in "Connect to a Network"? And more importantly, what should I do?!

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Manage wireless networks simply shows you a list of networks you've connected to in the past which is why you can see them there. Trying uninstalling and re-installing your wireless card (get the drivers from HP's site) and see if that helps.


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Verify that the wireless switch is turned on (it could be a hardware switch on the outside of the laptop or a software switch using FN and one of the F1-F12 keys)