Whos getting Vista


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Vista coming out in 26 days or so. Whos getting it? I am, I have no real OS yet. Didnt buy XP cause I just built my machine, and started out on RC1. I am not sure whethor I should get home basic or premium. What are you getting?

P.S. I didnt want to make 2 threads so I have a quick question, is the 7300LE any good? I think it came with my cousins computer, he got one of the circuit city computers. Probably meant to be a media center.


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I will get Vista but not for about a year. This is because I want all the bugs to be worked out first. Most things have problems/flaws when they first come out but after time it all gets worked out.

I believe that right now the 7300LE is a average gaming card. It can handle current games at med-high settings and games that are going to come out at med-low settings.


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I'm not getting it because it's too pricey IMO. Also I'm not sure if I can go for the whole WGA thing. I'm planning on getting a mac anyways, i guess once vista's price coems down I'll get it to use with PC stuff but for now I'm sticking with XP.


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I'll wait a bit. In the meantime, I'll see how it runs on my roommates laptop. He's getting the Home Premium edition the first day it comes out. Bugs the crap out of me on how anxious he is on getting the darn thing. I'm like, "Calm down, it's only Windows".


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actually, i just got my maximum pc mag, and it had an article about not getting it, so i will wait also


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EcLiPsE said:
I dont see what the big deal is its only a OS. I mean what can it do that xp cant?
it looks nicer, "is more secure" and other stuff like that. But I'd say that for me the 1 and only reason I would be swiching is dx10, but since I don't have a dx10 card (and can't afford one :D) I won't be going to vista. And even if I'd get vista one day it would be mostly for gaming.