Who needs SSL security software?


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I like many other users am concerned about viruses, malware, hackers, etc. Until about a year ago I used a free antivirus software package. At that time I became more concerned about the safety of my computer and the effectiveness of the antivirus software and so I began researching the different companies and the quality of their antivirus software. I finally chose one,of the top rated programs, paid for it and had it installed on my computer thinking that I was “safe”.
The other day I was in the waiting room of a car dealership while my car was being repaired. The dealership had free wifi but not secured. My antivirus software warned me and suggested I use its VPN software to connect to the wifi. When I tried using the software I got an error message that it could not connect to the wifi network. So I called my antivirus software company and asked them what the problem was. The technician connected to my computer and to my shock told me that my computer had been hacked into numerous times. He said that to prevent this I need to separately install SSL security software. And then much to my dismay he tried to sell me a subscription to one such software package. (I always get very suspicious and “turned off” when a technician whose hired to fix a problem tries to sell me something on the spot). I wasn't sure if his prescription for SSL security software was bogus or not. So here are my questions. Does one need in addition to antivirus software, SSL security software? One source said that you only need SSL security software if you are operating a website, which I am not. If one does need SSL security software why do the so called top rated antivirus software companies sell antivirus software with the assurances that you are safe surfing the internet when in fact you need this additional software?

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I may be lucky. Only anti virus software if that is right paid is Ad Blocker Plus. I use Malwarebytes free and glarys free and use microsoft Defender. So far no issues even with older equipment and windows 10 pro 64 bit installed.
Sounds like he was a salesman than a tech service. I would find someone or another company that don't play that game. The stuff i use works really well. Feel safe as can be.


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I'm not sure how anyone could sell you such a thing. SSL is the protocol used by servers to encrypt information back and forth between a client a and the server, to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks (which means that a person sniffing the packets you are sending to the server won't be able to see the actual information, only random data generated by the encryption software). I'm not sure "how being hacked into" and "SSL security software" correlate. I have never even heard of such software.

What exactly are you experiencing, other than not being able to connect to an insecure network? Have you tried scanning your device using alternative applications? Most of what Dan said is unrelated, but if you are concerned about being infected, you could try scanning with MBAM.

Anyways, Windows Defender is good enough for a normal, sensible human (https://www.av-test.org/en/antivirus/home-windows/).
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