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If you totally dig SOA DVD then you are now prepared to read or watch Hamlet because you know the story. Young, reflective prince unsure of the foundations of his life's order. Gets a visit by his father's ghost, Hamlet Senior, who helpfully tells him he was murdered by his brother Claudius (probably). The Queen cares more for status and power than doing what's right, so she stands by her (current) man. She worries about her unhappy son: "It's like his father is speaking to him from beyond the grave." Then of course there's the title of the manuscript: "How SAMCRO Lost Its Way." Truly something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

Agent Stahl, our duplicitous, spying Polonius of this tale, helpfully calls Jax and Gemma the "prince" and the "queen." She gets the Polonius treatment, too, meeting her demise at the end of season 3. And if Stumpy and Half Sack aren't Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, they're Falstaff.

Just in case you weren't clued in by the show's obvious references, Maureen Ashby helps us out from Ireland, by sending more of our ghost's writings so we can hear the voice of John Teller saying "Murder most foul..."

If the creators of sons of anarchy season 4 are to be true to the origins of their story, they will acknowledge its greatness by killing Jax Teller at the hands of someone, probably from SOA Belfast Charter or the IRA whose own father suffered years ago at the hands of John Teller, avenging his own father's death. We don't really have an Ophelia here though. Jax's old lady is a strong and intelligent woman who chooses to jump in to the mayhem rather than simply being swept along by it. She may be the one, at the end of the story, who acts as Horatio's voice, telling us the sadness of it, what can be learned from it and why we should care as she soldiers on without her best friend.

I sincerely hope we see a full dramatic end to the story, that the characters we love will die bloody or triumph and all will be tied up in a most Shakespearean way.

soa dvd box set is by far the best thing I've found in current television production.