Which socket shiould i use?


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Hi all this is my first post and im new to all of this computer building stuff. But im looking to get on the pitch with it all.

First off i want to build a computer pretty much for gaming and i dont want to spend masses of cash and i'd like to know which socket should i use im seeing alot of 939's about and a few AM2's.

Are there any you guys recommend?


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both of those sockets are for amd cpus. AM2 is the newest one, so I'd go with that. The cpus are about the same price, but AM2 mobos are probably a little more expensive than 939 mobos.

Or then u could go with intel and socket LGA 775. The new intel cpus are great.
Don't have any time now, someone can explain more to u. But those are the only sockets that u should be thinking about, everything else is too old.


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AM2 is the newest AMD socket, as the S939 is being ended. Intel has use LGA775 for quite sometime now. Ever since the Prescotts. Personally i like the LGA775 as it a LGA layout rather than your usual pins. This layout brings better voltage control and better amperage control. Intel wont change sockets anytime soon as LGA775 is doing them good right now. I would go with LGA775, you can use the Core 2 Duos with them.


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AMD= Socket AM2
Intel= Socket LGA775

Socket 939 is old. That's why you see a lot of use Socket 939. It's still in demand, but you see a lot of new Socket AM2 supported CPUs out already which people really like if you're an AMD fan.